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Are You Ready To Generate More Sales from Social Media?

Accelerate your Social Media and go from Clueless to Cashflowing in the next 90 days!

To generate more business online clients must be able to find you

It’s not that you’re not savvy. You're running a successful business. You have a website. And you make money providing services to your ideal clients.

You want to make a difference to more people. And a constant stream of ideal clients wanting to work with you, generating a regular income you can rely on.

You've spent time on social media, sharing blogs, engaging in Facebook groups but haven't seen consistent new business coming in and you're wondering if it's you - or maybe Social Media doesn't work?

Believe me, I know because I've been there!

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to be a Social Media expert to stand out online. But you need to understand how it works

Learn how to use Social Media effectively and you'll attract more of your ideal customers

I’m Cassie Hicks and I’ve been marketing online since 2008. When I first started using Social Media it was just a free way to drive traffic because I didn't have money for advertising.

Since then, I’ve built two businesses from the ground up using tried and tested online marketing strategies. As the tools and Social Media platforms have evolved, my business has evolved and grown too.

Today, it’s easier than ever to get started. And there's an endless array of tools and resources available to you. I love learning and testing these new tools so I can share the benefits with clients and students.  But I realize it can feel overwhelming trying to figure it all out.

Since 2013, I’ve focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses online. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs use Social Media to boost their visibility - and their sales.

That's why I created the Shine and Profit Online Program.

Your 6-Step Game Plan

Working with hundreds of clients over the past 8 years I've identified six core components, which when combined successfully, are the backbone of an effective Social Media Strategy.

In Shine and Profit Online you'll learn EXACTLY how to develop and integrate each of these important pieces.

The More Visible You Are, The More Opportunities and Clients You'll Attract

  • Get RESULTS quickly by discovering the 20% of activities that work for your business (ignore the rest)
  • Learn how to market your business with the time, budget and resources available to you
  • Build your high-performing marketing machine

This isn’t just another video training course - this is a roll up your sleeves and get s**t done. The best bit is - you'll see results quickly


Shine & Profit Online

A new type of training designed for busy business owners who are ready to step up and do what it takes to grow their business online

What can happen in just 90 days?

  • After 90 days, you will have a roadmap for your business, and know how to get the most out of Social Media.
  • You will have the confidence and clarity to market yourself online
  • You will know where to focus your time, energy and resources to get the biggest impact from your marketing.



Learn and implement the key elements to grow your business online

Course Outline

  • On-ramp: Power Up Your Online Profile

    -Optimize your social media profiles to drive leads and referrals that convert to sales

    -Position Yourself To Attract All The Business You Want 

    -Create client attracting profiles and a strong online presence

  • Module 1: Create your Unique Client Attraction Strategy

    -Get clear on your ideal client avatar and their “hot buttons” so you attract clients who are begging to work with you

    -Understand your avatar so well that marketing becomes easy

    -The #1 tool you need to inform your all your marketing online (don’t miss this step if you want your marketing to work)

  • Module 2: Map out your Irresistible Offers


    -Develop offers that your clients can’t resist

    -Package your expertise into no-brainer offers that sell themselves

    -Lead Magnets that land you looks – money magnets that convert prospects into buyers

  • Module 3: Craft your Magical Marketing Message

    -Use the Headline Generator to create compelling headlines

    -Create a strong message that communicates and converts

    -Energise and motivate your audience

  • Module 4: Build Your Online Community

    -Grow your business by tapping into your audience online

    -Create an easy to execute plan that results in more followers, interactions, recommendations, web traffic, leads and sales

    -Gain a following online of real fans, likes and followers

  • Module 5: Social Media Accelerator


    -Position yourself for success and sales on Social Media

    -Lead Magnets that land you looks (and customers)

    – Using analytics and insights to improve your marketing

    Bonus: Understand how to be found everywhere using scheduling and automation tools

  • Module 6: Shortcut the Sales Process with Social Media

    – Use Social Media to seed and sell using the 3 x 3 posting formula

    -Create Killer Content with the Content Generator(TM)

    -Speed the sales cycle up and increase sales 10x in half the time

    -Bonus: Create your magnetic message – copywriting primer

2 x Bonus LIVE sessions (1-2-1 Coaching and Hot Seats)

  • BONUS: Facebook Mastery Masterclass

    Facebook mastery– Increase traffic, leads and sales on Facebook

    – Build your fan base and increase reach and engagement – 3 key strategies every marketer should be using

    – Turn your Facebook fans into qualified customers

  • BONUS: Facebook Ads Bootcamp

    – Learn how to create a high-converting Facebook Ad Campaign in 2 days

    – Design killer ads that generate a constant stream of leads and subscribers

    – Get in front of thousands of potential customers using highly targeted ads

    – Avoid the most common mistakes rookies make (that cost them dearly), and what to do instead



  • #1 Quickly Get Seen and Make Green (Cash Injection Strategies) - value $150
  • #2 Canva Live Training Masterclass (Go Pro with your graphics) - value $40
  • #3 Social Media Action Planner and Live Training Tutorial - value $97
  • #4 9 Mindset Hacks for Social Media Success (gifted by Lenka Lutonska of Advantage Women)
  • #5 #PACK Make Money With Facebook Groups (gifted by Amanda Goldman-Petri of Selling Like A Nerd (TM) - value $300

    What previous Shine & Profit Online members say.....

    Lucy Toleman

    Being part of the Shine and Profit Online program I’ve now got everything I need to market my business online. Thinking of joining? Do it, I highly recommend this program if you want to grow your business online

    Lucy Toleman Indee Yoga
    Debbie Holder

    Before the program,  I didn’t know anything about marketing online and had very little confidence in using Social Media. Now I’m really clear on what to do (I’ve gone from a 2 on the confidence scale to at least a 7 or 8). I’ve got my strategy mapped out and I’m really glad I did this program as it’s left me feeling motivated and enthusiastic about using Social Media to grow my business.

    As a result of the extra LinkedIn training I have been able to update and improve my LinkedIn profile, and I’m excited at the response I’m getting from my posts now.

    Shine and Profit Online is a brilliant program which I highly recommend – it’s excellent value for money and Cassie goes above and beyond in the service and support provided. If you’re thinking of joining, don’t hesitate, sign up before the price increases!

    Debbie Holder Occupational Health Services
    Tanya Cox

    Being part of the Shine and Profit online program has given me the route map, the tools and the know-how for what to do. Before my marketing was less focused but now my approach is more structured and my message more targeted so it resonates with potential clients.

    I’ve really enjoyed being part of the program and liked the group interaction. If you’re thinking of joining – Go for it as it’ll give you the tools and plan to move your business forward.

    Tanya Cox Able PA
    Tanya Barney

    Since being part of the program I’ve got a clearer vision of what my strategy looks like and am now confident doing my own marketing. The key thing for me is that The Shine and Profit Online Program wasn’t just theory. Thinking of joining? Shine and Profit Online will help you get clear and confident on the potential of your marketing and how to get it working for you. Cassie really knows her stuff!

    Tanya Barney Sensory Intelligence

    SHINE & PROFIT ONLINE is all about *RESULTS*

    Your biggest goal right now is to get clients and get more money coming in the door.  And that’s exactly what this program is designed to help you do.

    The huge leaps that past clients have made speak for themselves. Here are just some of our client results (below).

    Generated $2k of business from a $50 ad spend

    Gained huge confidence with Facebook Live

    Created a 400% increase in physiotherapy and class bookings

    Saw a 15% increase in sales month on month

    Launched an online course and got her first coaching client before going live

    Your Shine & Profit Online Roadmap

    Just a few Testimonials.....

    Shine & Profit Online is for you if you...

    • Already have a successful business and want guidance and support to help it grow.

    • Want to add an online component to your business e.g. an online course or service

    • Feel stuck or overwhelmed by digital marketing and social media but want to generate more business online

    • Want to create a consistent stream of income and gain financial success and business freedom.

    Secret Sauce

    To grow a successful business you need FOCUS, a PLAN, and some quick WINS to keep you motivated.

    I'm 100% committed to your success so as soon as you join Shine & Profit Online you'll have instant access to:

    1. On-boarding materials to get you started quickly and fast-track your success
    2. A bonus module on creating additional income so the course pays for itself from day one
    3. A 1-2-1 Gameplan strategy session with myself (worth $600) so you know what to focus on to get the fastest result

    What you can expect

    Each month there will be an over-arching theme of Attract~Convert~Scale.

    Shine & Profit Online comprises six key training sessions (one for each step on the roadmap) which we’ll cover on live weekly calls. There are two break weeks built in for extra time or specialised training (as required).

    During each session you'll also have the opportunity for a HOT SEAT where you'll receive 15 minutes of 1-2-1 coaching on a topic of your choice. Depending on what you need, we might dig deeper into a topic you're working on, work through the worksheets together, or get you unstuck. 

    One benefit of group coaching is getting feedback and ideas from your peers (who are sometimes your ideal customers!)

    Here’s what you walk away with after 90 days:

    • A powered up online profile which positions you as the Go To expert in your niche and attracts your ideal clients. You’ll get crystal clear on your branding and your value proposition. Optimize your social media profiles to drive leads and referrals that convert to sales and create a brand that showcases your amazing personality. You’re the star and it’s your time to shine!
    • A high-converting offer so strong, prospects won’t be able to resist. Create an optin offer that drives leads into your marketing funnel while you sleep. Feel confident knowing exactly how to find clients and convert prospects into paying customers.
    • An authentic and highly magnetic marketing message so you attract new clients with clarity and confidence!
    • A following of real fans, likes and followers that build your online buzz and brand exposure
    • A clear action plan to guide you through the next six months (or more) of your business growth. Know exactly what steps to take to achieve your target income. No more confusion. No more spinning, stagnation, or overwhelm. Finally get Social Media working for your business
    • Become a marketing superstar (even if you’re not a natural marketer) and learn powerful marketing strategies for growing your business exponentially
    • 24×7 support network of business owners who are just like you, working towards building their dream business. You can continue to collaborate, brainstorm, take action, and grow with the support of your Power Group long after the program is done. With partners like these, you’re unstoppable!

    What our members say.........

    Shine and Profit Online has transformed my approach to marketing, and the feedback on my new website has been fantastic. Being part of the program has also opened my eyes to the marketing that works and helped me reduce my feelings of overwhelm by understanding what to focus on.

    The biggest transformation for me has been clarity around my online marketing. Before it was a minefield and totally overwhelming. Shine and Profit Online sets you up for success.

    - Tania Diggory, Founder of Calmer

    Being part of the Shine and Profit online program has helped me understand my client avatar better so I can reach and engage with them on Social Media.  The program is very good and I recommend Shine and Profit online if you feel muddled about what to do and where to go online to find more business.

    - Cathy Johnson, Carmenta Life

    “Before I began the Shine & Profit Online coaching program, I was at an intersection in my work – having only a small mailing list and client base, yet knowing I can help a lot of people that I haven’t yet reached.  The course has enabled me to understand what I’m aiming for and how to implement the steps of online marketing.  


    - Angela Delgyln, Optimal Health

    I liked the practical “get it done” nature of the Shine and Profit Online program. Working in a small group makes it easy to work with everyone, get your questions answered and benefit from each other’s questions and input. For me, having the accountability and motivation to go back through the training replays and work through the examples was invaluable. As a result I’ve learnt a lot and been able to move my business forward.

    - Bobby Shah, Digital Brand Management X


    1-2-1 COACHING starts at $3,000. However, you can benefit from my full support and all the training, support, worksheets, templates and the new bonuses for only $997 

    WEBINAR SPECIAL - $697 (limited time only) 

    Payment plan options available


    QUESTIONS? If you have questions please email