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Super Smart Marketing Mastermind

A transformational experience that will turn you into a powerful online leader and a client attraction powerhouse in the next 180 days

FACT: You need to be good at marketing yourself if you want to go to the next level...

Because If you want to be fully booked with your dream clients you need a powerful online presence.

You know that with every fibre of your being but in your head you tell yourself stories like

“No-one is engaging with me on Social Media let alone buying from me. Perhaps what I’m sharing isn’t interesting, or isn’t reaching the right people?“
You worry that people don’t care or your message is “wrong”?
Who are you to be demanding their attention anyway?
God forbid you come across as needy, pushy or salesy!

Or maybe you’ve fallen into the “compare and despair” trap and think you couldn’t possibly match up others offering a similar service (and who seem to breeze through Social Media boasting their 20K months) so you hold back.

You’re fed up working so hard while you watch your kids grow up and wonder if you’ll still be toiling away trying to make your business work when you’re 90!

You thought starting your own business would give you freedom but seem to work longer and harder than you ever!

And yet.

And yet, you have a skill.

You have experience.
You’ve invested in yourself and your business.
You get results for your clients
You provide value
You make a difference
You’re here on this planet to help people!

So why is it so damn hard to market yourself online and attract more clients?


To market yourself effectively online you need 3 key things:

A community (tribe, list, followers - call it what you will. These are your people, they “get” you) because how will you share your message and fill your programs if no-one knows who you are?

A strong online brand where you’re known as the #1 “go to” expert in your specialist area and become a powerful client attraction magnet

A way to Attract leads and clients on autopilot so you’ve got a pipeline of potential clients and you can cherry-pick the best ones to work with

Introducing The Super Smart Marketing Mastermind

If you're serious about growing your business and ready to stop dabbling online and start getting real results, I'd love you to join the Super Smart Marketing Mastermind.

A 6 month experience for entrepreneurs who are ready to shine online AND be recognised and rewarded financially for the value they provide.


Female Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business

Business owners who want to take their offline business online

Women starting a new business or launching a new program who want to shortcut the learning curve


Part timers, hobbyists, side hustlers

MLM or direct sales

Anyone looking for a get rich quick magic pill (news flash - there is work involved in building an online brand!)

That’s why I’ve created the Super Smart Marketing Mastermind - a 6 month experience where you’ll create a powerful online brand that sells YOU!

In addition you’ll create a digital marketing STRATEGY that works for you

Learn how to use SOCIAL MEDIA to its best advantage

Master SOULFUL SELLING so you make money without feeling salesy or sleazy.

Super Smart Marketing Mastermind


  • > A POWERFUL ONLINE BRAND so you stand out and attract your dream clients
  • > An ENGAGED COMMUNITY where people KLT you (and rave about you)
  • > A CLIENT ATTRACTION SYSTEM that creates a pipeline of active leads and clients while you sleep

Past clients have 4X their sales in less than 8 weeks, gained the confidence, knowledge and tools to use Social Media to land new clients, created a powerful online brand that impacts thousands of people every day, and launched new programs and workshops.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what past clients and students say:

Here’s what students say about the program...


You've been looking for a guide who's walked the path you're on, and can give you the confidence, skills and tools to market yourself proudly and fearlessly online.

You want more clients, money, and impact?

You can do it.

You wouldn’t be called to do this, or feel inspired to grow yourself and your business if it wasn’t possible for you. You just need guidance and support to avoid the potholes and shortcut the learning process.

If you’re done with “leaving it all to chance” and are ready to get results...

...I can help.

I’ve created this program specifically for women like you. Who are savvy and capable, but know they can’t do it alone.

This isn’t a program where you watch videos and are left to figure everything out on your own. This is a unique DONE WITH YOU experience where you’ll work closely with me (with over 6 years experience running an award-winning Social Media agency and thousands of happy clients)

Are you ready to get started?

get instant access

What We Are Going To Create Together

- The easy to follow 3-step Social Media Accelerator Framework which shows you the steps you to take to Attract prospects, Convert them to customers, and make more sales.

- Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions where you’ll get to ask ANY question you’d like to get unstuck in whatever part of business you’re struggling with. These sessions are recorded.

- A Private Facebook Community you can use as a resource for creative solutions, inspiration, and accountability from fellow members of the Social Media Accelerator. Bring any questions you have, and this community of sharp, ambitious business owners is sure to have answers!

- You’ll have access to ALL the class worksheets, scripts and templates. I’ll also include sample copy you can tweak to deliver the right message and convert your prospects into buyers.


The price for this program is £1,997, but I'm offering a special at £997 until 31st March (or until the 12 slots are filled with super smart women if sooner). 


About Cassie …

I've been in the online marketing scene since 2008 - originally using Social Media as a free source of traffic when I didn’t have money for ads.

Over the years, I’ve built three businesses from scratch and developed expertise in Social Media and Digital Marketing. My "zone of genius" is identifying the most lucrative Social Media strategies, and simplifying and demystifying the digital world for business owners so they can Shine and Profit online using the power of Social Media.

I'm a busy Mum of two (so I get the struggle and juggle of being a working parent) and my passion in life is animals, and trying to make the world a better place for them. I'm a life-long vegetarian (and aspiring vegan), love 80's Indie Music (Heaven17 anyone?), enjoy forensic crime shows (gruesome I know!) and am a stationary addict!

For me - there’s no greater joy than helping other entrepreneurial women (and some men!) get their message out to the world, make a greater impact and make money doing it!


For a small investment you will be establishing your online brand, a client attraction system and building a community of potential clients and partners.

What will it cost you if you don’t take adantage of this offer and your business is in the same place in 12 months time? You’ve wasted time, money and effort and not moved your business ahead.

How frustrating would that be? When you know you have the potential but something’s stopping you (probably your ego trying to keep you safe).

The question is: Are you willing to give yourself permission to succeed?


There’s never been a better time to use Social Media to establish a powerful online presence, build your tribe and get fully booked with ideal clients.

Ads are still cost effective but you need to act now before all the big brands wise up and swoop in with their big budgets and prices go up.

Video marketing and live streaming are still relatively new and now is the time to take advantage before everyone jumps in and things get noisier, more crowded and more competitive.

You need to be good at marketing yourself if you want to go to the next level. Period.  

I've created a support structure to unlock the next level for you. Get ready to change your life and make magic in the next 6 months. 


Rather than just taking a course and figuring out how to apply the information to your business, in a mastermind you’re supported and guided as you take action. The devil is in the detail and without support it’s easy to get knocked off track or hit roadblocks. You can’t see your own blindspots and it’s easy to lose motivation, so it’s important to have someone supporting you and keeping you focused every step of the way.   

In a mastermind group you’re in a safe space where you can learn and grow, and enjoy a supportive environment with people who GET you and are also committed to their growth.

get instant access

Just imagine results like these....

The Social Media Accelerator Framework

Creating an online presence that generates consistent business for you doesn’t happen overnight - but you might be closer than you think!

If you’re serious about making an impact, The Social Media Accelerator Framework will increase your online visibility & sales even if…

- Your current website and social media accounts aren’t getting you any more leads.
- You’ve tried all sorts of different tools and strategies without success.
- You’re surrounded by people who are telling you to go back to a “Normal” job.
- Or if you’re questioning yourself and why you started your online business in the first place…

And Major Breakthroughs that other students and clients have experienced...

- Gained huge confidence and visibility with Facebook Live.
- Achieving a 4X increase in physiotherapy + class bookings.
- Increased sales by 15%, month after month.
- Launching an online course AND enrolling their first coaching client before going live!

- Generated $2k of business - By spending $50 on ads.

You might be wondering:“How do I know if this is right for me?”

Well, if you’re an ambitious woman who wants to build a business you’re proud of, that makes great money AND allows you to enjoy your family and interests - then look no further!

Here’s what you’ll create using The Social Media Accelerator Framework:

- A super powered online profile that makes you an unmistakable authority in your area of expertise. You’ll get crystal clear on the value you offer, and attract the audience that you’re meant to serve.

- A leveraged marketing system that gets you noticed, generates leads and converts followers into customers

- A high-converting offer that’s an absolute no-brainer for anyone who needs your products and services. You’ll create an automated funnel that drives traffic to your flagship offer, and convert them into loyal buyers and fans.

- An engaged community that spreads the word about your business, and does your marketing for you.

- A clear action plan, that lays out the exact steps you’ll take over the next 3-6 months to grow your business.

- 24/7 support from like-minded women who are passionate about growing their dream businesses. You’ll form new connections to help you stay motivated, inspired, and accountable to your success.

A word of warning, however - I’m not going to teach you a bunch of stuff for you to “save for later”.

You’ll learn in the Social Media Accelerator what you need NOW - because that’s the only time that accelerated growth can happen.

You could easily spend the next 90 days (or a full year), grinding away to promote your business without seeing a real increase in your sales or email list.

To get to the next level in growing your business, here are the 3 Breakthrough Steps you’ll complete in the Social Media Accelerator:

  • ATTRACT Learn how to “Shine Online”, Power Up Your Online Profile and build your authority so you become “The One” for anyone looking for your expertise.

    Get 100% clarity on your ideal client and the “hot buttons” that motivate them to engage with you (and work with you)

  • CONNECT: Learn how to engage meaningfully with potential clients and turn your followers into paying customers. You will also learn how to write the kind of copy that gets you noticed and gets you PAID.

  • MONETIZE. Establish a reliable system to consistently bring in potential customers for your services and offers. You’ll learn how to create irresistible offers, and how to 4X your sales using the latest Social Media strategies that turn prospects into buyers, time and time again.


You'll also receive some amazing bonuses to further support your business growth:

  • Facebook Ads Bootcamp

    Facebook Ads Bootcamp – Create a high-converting ad campaign in 5 steps (Value £97)

  • 10K Social Media Strategy (value £97)

  • 9 Mindset Hacks for Social Media Success

    (gifted by Lenka Lutonska of The Extraordinary Growth Academy) Value £Priceless!

  • Facebook Live Success Guide

  • Instagram Fast Start

    Get your first (or next) 500 Instagram followers in 7 days challenge (value £97)


  • 10K Content Planner

    Create a month’s worth of highly engaging content in an hour (value £97)


What our members say.........

The Social Media Accelerator has transformed my approach to marketing, and the feedback on my new website has been fantastic. Being part of the program has also opened my eyes to the marketing that works and helped me reduce my feelings of overwhelm by understanding what to focus on.

The biggest transformation for me has been clarity around my online marketing. Before it was a minefield and totally overwhelming. The Social Media Accelerator sets you up for success.

- Tania Diggory, Founder of Calmer

Being part of the program has helped me understand my client avatar better so I can reach and engage with them on Social Media.  The program is very good and I recommend The Social Media Accelerator if you feel muddled about what to do and where to go online to find more business.

- Cathy Johnson, Carmenta Life

“Before I began the Social Media Accelerator program, I was at an intersection in my work – having only a small mailing list and client base, yet knowing I can help a lot of people that I haven’t yet reached.  The course has enabled me to understand what I’m aiming for and how to implement the steps of online marketing.  


- Angela Delgyln, Optimal Health

I liked the practical “get it done” nature of the program. Working in a small group makes it easy to work with everyone, get your questions answered and benefit from each other’s questions and input. For me, having the accountability and motivation to go back through the training replays and work through the examples was invaluable. As a result I’ve learnt a lot and been able to move my business forward.

- Bobby Shah, Digital Brand Management X

The good news!

You don’t need to have a massive following, or a huge budget to spend on ads.

You already have what you need to attract the people who you’re meant to serve, and make great money doing it. Just click below, and let me show you how...

Here’s what another past member of the program had to say...

Your Shine & Profit Online Roadmap

Before the program,  I didn’t know anything about marketing online and had very little confidence in using Social Media. Now I’m really clear on what to do (I’ve gone from a 2 on the confidence scale to at least a 7 or 8). I’ve got my strategy mapped out and I’m really glad I did this program as it’s left me feeling motivated and enthusiastic about using Social Media to grow my business.

The Social Media Accelerator is a brilliant program which I highly recommend - it’s excellent value for money and Cassie goes above and beyond in the service and support provided. If you’re thinking of joining, don’t hesitate, sign up before the price increases!

Debbie Holder
Debbie Holder Occupational Health Services

Just a few Testimonials.....

Just a few Testimonials.....

Are you wondering how this fits into your busy schedule?

Overcome Your Overwhelm with…

Step by step video training

Hands-on training shows you exactly what to do. Each topic is broken down in to actionable steps with short videos so you can find what you need, when you need it.

Weekly Live Mentoring Calls

With the weekly calls (which are recorded) and Facebook Group you never have to be, or feel, stuck. You are fully supported every step of the way.

Bite sized action steps

Use the worksheets to work through each step and track your progress in the private Facebook Group. Each topic is broken down in to doable steps with worksheets following each short video so you can dip in when you need to work through step by step.

There when you need it community

Ask questions, get feedback and learn from other online business owners like you in the private Facebook community.


Stay on track every week with our unique accountability system.

Having helped so many entrepreneurs grow their businesses through The Social Media Accelerator, I stand by the program and everything I teach.

However, if you take action over the next 14 days, but you’re not ecstatic about your results, I’ll refund your payment. I want to make this as simple and painless for you to make a great investment in your life and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is The Social Media Accelerator Framework?

    The Social Media Accelerator Framework is a 3-step system that teaches coaches, consultants, course creators and therapists how to use Social Media to attract their ideal audiences, convert them into loyal customers, and scale their businesses. The program will not only show you how to increase your profits – but also how to structure your business so you can actually enjoy more time and financial freedom!

  • q-iconWho should sign up for The Social Media Accelerator?

    Entrepreneurial women in any field can benefit from being part of the Social Media Accelerator. I’ve worked with consultants, lawyers, health professionals, coaches, authors, yoga instructors, you name it! Anyone with the right mindset and determination to take their online marketing to the next level would be great fit for the Social Media Accelerator.

  • q-iconWhat if I’m just starting out in business?

    If you’re in the early stages of creating a business, Social Media Accelerator is a great place to gain momentum and get real results, fast! If you implement these tools and strategies early on, you’ll create a stable foundation for the years ahead. Learning how to attract the right customers, generate leads, and create an engaged community is crucial at any stage – so you’re sure to find enormous value in Social Media Accelerator!

  • q-iconWhat else is included in the Modern Marketing Academy?

    In addition to the 3-step Social Media Accelerator framework, you’ll have access to Weekly Coaching Calls, Monthly Masterclasses (on topics such as Messenger Marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, content strategy, video marketing, copywriting, Instagram stories), Regular Challenges, Guest Experts, and the Private Facebook Community.


Life Time Membership
  • The Social Media Accelerator Framework
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Instant Access to the Training Portal with over 30 training classes
  • PLUS Bonus 1-2-1 Strategy Call

£997 ($1,295) lifetime access

Payment Plan
£297 x 4
  • The Social Media Accelerator Framework
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Instant Access to the Training Portal with over 30 training classes

4 x £297 ($375) monthly payments

QUESTIONS? If you have questions please email