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If I had a penny for every Business Owner who tells me they're "tired of slogging away on Social Media and not seeing the return" I'd be on a private yacht in the Bahamas!  

It's time to stop treading water and picking up "the odd client here and there".

You're good at what you do and you work hard.

If only more people knew about you, you'd be booked solid!

You could relax, spending your weekends with your kids, instead of rushing home to work on your marketing because you're constantly looking for more clients.

Social Media offers a fabulous array of tools, and endless opportunities to get in front of potential clients. But without a plan, it can feel overwhelming because you're trying to do "all the things" and hoping "something" will hit the mark.

Sometimes it feels like you're slogging away and not really seeing the return. 

I know because that was me, too!

But not any more.

What changed?

I did!

I went from trying to do it all, to creating a simple process that allowed me to show up consistently. A process that provides a straight line from posting on Social Media to signing up new clients and making more sales.


After 7+ years running a multi-award winning Digital Marketing agency (which I built from scratch using Social Media), and working with thousands of small business owners, I've refined this process into a simple 3-step framework.

When I started my business I was a single Mum with two small kids, coming out of a divorce that left me exhausted and broke. I didn't have time to mess around.

My business is how I support myself and my family and it had to work, and without the luxury of much time or a big ad budget.

That's why my 3-step process is so powerful. Because it works for me AND hundreds of clients and it's been tested, refined and proven many times over the years.


However, I also discovered that having a strategy by itself is not enough.

If your Mindset and Energy are not aligned with your goals, you'll struggle to attract the right clients or make enough sales.

And marketing feels like hard work, instead of flowing easily and effortlessly.

The Social Media Accelerator offers a unique combination of proven strategies for taking your Marketing AND your Personal Energy to the next level.

I'm excited to share the secrets with you too!

get instant access


A unique experience where'll you learn how to create a steady stream of ideal clients for your business.


This is THE program to smash your goals this year!

:: Like Kirstin who 4X her sales

:: Tania, who successfully launched her group coaching program and live events

:: John who landed $25k of new clients

:: Alison who landed a high end new client AND doubled her prices after one training call

Hi, I'm Cassie!

My mission is to simplify the digital world for busy business owners so you build your client base, grow your business AND enjoy time with family and friends.

I'm a busy single Mum of two (so I know what it's like juggling work and home life), and I've built my award-winning business from scratch using free Social Media tools.

Other than business and my kids, my passions are speaking on stage, spirituality, and I'm a lifelong vegetarian, animal lover, and passionate supporter of animal rights.

What's my mission? For me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping other business owners create financial and life freedom through owning their own business.

Here’s how you'll master Social Media...

- Learn the 3-step Social Media Accelerator process to Attract prospects, Connect with them, and Convert them to customers.

- Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions where you get to ask ANY question or resolve any issue that's keeping you stuck. All sessions are recorded.

- The Private Facebook Community offers a safe space for sharing, getting feedback, finding creative solutions, inspiration, and accountability.

- Access to ALL class worksheets, scripts and templates.


The Social Media Accelerator Framework

Map out your Pathway to Profit *Includes bonus 1-2-1 strategy call with me (with full pay option)*

  • Learn how to use the 2-3-10 strategy in YOUR business, to build your confidence, client base and cashflow
  • Work smarter by identifying the essentials and eliminating the rest in our unique "power of ones" traffic light system

The Social Media Accelerator Framework has 3 Steps:-


Position yourself for success

  • Learn how to build a brand that can’t be ignored, gets you noticed and attracts your ideal clients and customers.
  • Tap into your clients and customers “hot buttons”

Build authority and credibility online

  • Build authority and drive traffic with Facebook Live
  • Create a compelling message that speaks to your customers and makes them hungry to work with you


Build your community

  • Leverage Facebook and Instagram to create a community of engaged followers
  • Build your mailing list, your messenger list and create warm audiences 

Content that Converts

  • Learn a stress-free content marketing system that turns followers into paying customers
  • Learn how to write the sort of content that gets you noticed
  • Discover how to repurpose every piece of content to extend its reach and save you time

Lead Magnets That Land you Looks

  • Create a money magnet that turns subscribers into paying customers and leads potential customers to your core product, offer or service
  • Learn how and when to promote your lead magnet for maximum effect


Connect and Convert

  • Use Stories, video and Lives to build relationships with your followers, discover their challenges, learn what they want from you and introduce them to your services.

Strategies that SELL consistently without being sleazy

  • Leverage Social Media to move your connections through the customer journey
  • Learn to sell subtly so you are focused on making sales every day


Energetic Marketing!

Energetic marketing is "next level" marketing using your personal energy to connect with the hearts and minds of your dream clients. It's the Secret Sauce that runs through the whole Social Media Accelerator program.

Here’s what students say about the program...

Maite Brines von Melle

Alison Read Digital Marketing

Laurel Gregory, LPG Sculptures

Lynne Stainthorpe, Big Idea

Tania Diggory, This is Calmer

Kirstin Hancock, Blue Maestro

Melanie Dowie, Receipt Bank

John Cottrell, ActionCoach

You might be wondering:“How do I know if this is right for me?”

Well, if you’re an ambitious business owner who wants to uplevel their marketing to build a business you’re proud of, that makes money AND allows you to enjoy your family and other interests - then look no further!

Here’s what you’ll create using The Social Media Accelerator Framework:

- A super powered online profile that makes you an unmistakable authority in your area of expertise. You’ll get crystal clear on the value you offer, and attract the audience that you’re meant to serve.

- A leveraged marketing system that gets you noticed, generates leads and converts followers into customers

- A high-converting offer that’s an absolute no-brainer for anyone who needs your products and services. You’ll create an automated funnel that drives traffic to your flagship offer, and convert them into loyal buyers and fans.

- An engaged community that spreads the word about your business, and does your marketing for you.

- A clear action plan, that lays out the exact steps you’ll take over the next 3-6 months to grow your business.

- 24/7 support from like-minded women who are passionate about growing their dream businesses. You’ll form new connections to help you stay motivated, inspired, and accountable to your success.


  • BONUS: Complimentary Ticket to the "Get More Clients" Social Media Workshops

    Join me in person for a fun day working ON your Social Media, refining your strategy and mapping out your 90 Day Content Plan. Value: £97


  • BONUS 1: 1-2-1 Strategy Call with Cassie (usually £500) *12 month plan only*

    We’ll review your Social Media profiles, posts and messaging and create a simple Strategy that sets you up for success before you even join the program.

  • BONUS 2: Facebook Mastery

  • BONUS 3: Facebook Ads Bootcamp

    Facebook Ads Bootcamp (for Beginners) – Create a high-converting ad campaign in 5 steps (Value £197)

  • BONUS 5: Instagram Kick Starter

    Instagram Kick Starter – Quickly Grow an engaged Instagram Following using your Instagram Feed and Stories

  • BONUS 6: The Client Attraction CODE (paid traffic strategies)

    Facebook and Instagram Ads training (Intermediate level) – including Custom Audiences and Remarketing. (Value £197) 

What our members say.........

The Social Media Accelerator has transformed my approach to marketing, and the feedback on my new website has been fantastic. Being part of the program has also opened my eyes to the marketing that works and helped me reduce my feelings of overwhelm by understanding what to focus on.

The biggest transformation for me has been clarity around my online marketing. Before it was a minefield and totally overwhelming. The Social Media Accelerator sets you up for success.

- Tania Diggory, Founder of Calmer

Being part of the program has helped me understand my client avatar better so I can reach and engage with them on Social Media.  The program is very good and I recommend The Social Media Accelerator if you feel muddled about what to do and where to go online to find more business.

- Cathy Johnson, Carmenta Life

“Before I began the Social Media Accelerator program, I was at an intersection in my work – having only a small mailing list and client base, yet knowing I can help a lot of people that I haven’t yet reached.  The course has enabled me to understand what I’m aiming for and how to implement the steps of online marketing.  


- Angela Delgyln, Optimal Health

I liked the practical “get it done” nature of the program. Working in a small group makes it easy to work with everyone, get your questions answered and benefit from each other’s questions and input. For me, having the accountability and motivation to go back through the training replays and work through the examples was invaluable. As a result I’ve learnt a lot and been able to move my business forward.

- Bobby Shah, Digital Brand Management X

The good news!

You don’t need to have a massive following, or a huge budget to spend on ads.

You already have what you need to attract the people who you’re meant to serve, and make great money doing it. Just click below, and let me show you how...

Here’s what another past member of the program had to say...

Your Shine & Profit Online Roadmap

Before the program,  I didn’t know anything about marketing online and had very little confidence in using Social Media. Now I’m really clear on what to do (I’ve gone from a 2 on the confidence scale to at least a 7 or 8). I’ve got my strategy mapped out and I’m really glad I did this program as it’s left me feeling motivated and enthusiastic about using Social Media to grow my business.

The Social Media Accelerator is a brilliant program which I highly recommend - it’s excellent value for money and Cassie goes above and beyond in the service and support provided. If you’re thinking of joining, don’t hesitate, sign up before the price increases!

Debbie Holder
Debbie Holder Occupational Health Services

Just a few Testimonials.....

Having helped so many entrepreneurs grow their businesses through The Social Media Accelerator, I stand by the program and everything I teach.

However, if you take action over the next 14 days, and complete all the assignments, but you’re not ecstatic about your results, I’ll refund your payment. I want to make this as simple and painless for you to make a great investment in your life and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is The Social Media Accelerator Framework?

    The Social Media Accelerator is a 3-step framework that coaches, consultants, course creators and therapists use to attract their ideal audiences on Social Media, convert them into loyal customers, and scale their businesses. The program not only shows you how to increase your profits – but also how to structure your business so you can enjoy more time and financial freedom!

  • q-iconWho should sign up for The Social Media Accelerator?

    Entrepreneurs and business owners, particularly service based businesses, and personal brands, will benefit from being part of the Social Media Accelerator. I’ve worked with consultants, lawyers, health professionals, coaches, authors, yoga instructors, you name it! Anyone with the right mindset and determination to take their marketing to the next level online is a great fit for the Social Media Accelerator.

  • q-iconWhat if I’m just starting out in business?

    If you’re in the early stages of creating a business, the Social Media Accelerator is a great place to gain momentum and get real results, fast! If you implement the tools and strategies early on, you’ll create a stable foundation for the years ahead. Learning how to attract the right customers, generate leads, and create an engaged community is crucial at any stage – so you’re sure to find enormous value in Social Media Accelerator!

  • q-iconWhat else is included in the Social Media Accelerator?

    In addition to the 3-step framework, you’ll benefit from Weekly mentoring Calls, Monthly Masterclasses (on hot topics such as Messenger Marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, content strategy, video marketing, copywriting, Instagram stories), Regular Challenges, Guest Experts, and the Private Facebook Community.


🦸‍♀️Package and Promote your Services Online Bootcamp 🦸‍♀️

This hands-on program will help you create and market your services online, and get started straight away to:

📍 Package up your services to offer online
📍 Create and populate your online portal
📍 Promote your virtual services and programs online

In summary, you’ll receive:

🌟The Social Media Accelerator strategy and training

🌟FOUR LIVE CALLS with me, including two implementation sessions (all online)

🌟BONUS: 🦸‍♀️1:1 zoom ‘get s**t done’ implementation sessions.👩‍💻

👩‍💻 BONUS: Tech support to set up your online program and services, from myself and my team. 🦸‍♀️


Get started from as little as £197/month (on a 3 or 12 month payment plan)

12 Month Membership
  • The Social Media Accelerator Framework
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Instant Access to the Training Portal with over 30 training classes, worksheets and BONUSES
  • Bonus! Quarterly 1-2-1 Strategy Calls
  • BONUSES including FB Ads Bootcamp, Instagram Kick Starter, Client Attraction CODE, and more

£1,997 ($2,500) 12 months (lifetime access to training modules) - PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE

Social Media Accelerator SPRINT (12 Week program)
  • The Social Media Accelerator Framework
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Instant Access to the Training Portal with over 20 training classes

£497 ($650) for the core Social Media Accelerator framework inc. 12 weeks of weekly mentoring, and private Facebook Community.

PAYMENT PLAN (£197 per month)

    Payment Plan - 3 x £197 monthly payments (12 week Sprint) or 12 x £197 (12 months)

    QUESTIONS? If you have questions or would like to chat about whether this program is right for you, email me at